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Driven by the need of fighting the increasing number of successful cyber attacks, security experts from the French national authority in charge of cyberdefense (ANSSI) founded Alsid.

Alsid is an innovative company designing cyberdefense solutions to help major companies secure the core of their information systems. As recognized experts, Alsid security researchers have participated in the most famous security conferences.

The company is a strongly backed startup, able to deliver the most advanced and relevant products to their customers thanks to a strong expertise in cyber-security, architecture, networks and development.

Our product

Directory Security Compliance (DSC) is an disruptive solution giving IT executives and security officers the key to manage the vulnerabilities on their core-networks.

By using an inventive approach based on Indicators-of-Exposure, DSC provides real-time and in-context remediation plans for most common desktop infrastructures like Microsoft Active Directory or Samba.

With DSC, Alsid provides a world-premiere integrated solution addressing the most commonly exploited attack vector and efficiently help companies secure their critical assets.

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