Directory Security Compliance

Protection for Directory Infrastructure
against modern cyber threats.

  • DSC Cloud

    Cloud based solution

  • DSC In-House

    Dedicated appliance on your network

Key Features

DSC provides a rich set of functionalities to tackle the hardest security challenges.

Real-time analysis with continous improvements

Classic security audits do not meet the security requirements of directory infrastructures. As they handle many sensitive ressources, you need to be informed right-away when a vulnerability appears on your network. DSC continuously monitors your infrastructure and detects regressions as they happen, giving you the ability to take immediate action. DSC will help you block attack vectors before the attackers exploit them.

Immediate and effective protection for directory infrastructures

Because detection is not enough to efficiently protect directory infrastructure, DSC is offering insightful and precise recommandations to assist your teams. With DSC, your company will avoid large-scale security incident costs and you will be confident about the security level of your corporate network.

Stay compliant with regulations

Various regulations and industry standards such as PCI DSS, SANS Critical Security Controls or French LPM request the monitoring of users and protection of the directory infrastructure. With real-time assets monitoring, DSC gives you the opportunity to continuously verify the compliance to these standards and helps you provide accurate reports to evaluators.

Integrated threats detection alerts

Many companies are using SIEM solutions to manage incidents on their infrastructure. As we think security products should not add substantial operational costs, DSC has been designed to be integrated with the best of breed SIEM solutions (like Splunk, ArcSight, and RSA enVision) by only sending confirmed security alerts.

Process Overview

Directory Security Compliance in practice.

Product Architecture

Built to supervise thousands of corporate assets.

Corporate Network

Directory infrastructures are the security core of enterprises. They provide both authentication (is this user really who he says he is?) and authorization (what are the permissions and privileges of this user?).
Logging into systems, reading emails, opening files, all these activities are autorized by the directory infrastructure.

Alsid's Private Cloud Network

Modern directory infrastructures can be deployed on multiple geographic places. To offer state-of-the-art performances on each of them, DSC uses a secure distributed cloud infrastructure that gives the scalability, adaptability and speed required to process directory changes in real-time.

Alsid's computing platform

Each directory infrastructure is made of thousands of evolving objects. In order to compute Indicators-of-Exposure, DSC needs massive computing power. Alsid uses the best dedicated computing platforms powered by the latest hardware components and state-of-the-art virtualization softwares.

DSC Supervision Interface

Processing technical assets is one thing, offering a clear and precise interface to supervise those complex infrastructures is a much more difficult challenge.
DSC integrates a lightweight and decision-maker oriented interface to present you the vulnerabilities of your infrastructures and give you the keys to solve them. Latest display technologies and deep security expertise make DSC supervision interface the best solution to manage directory security.

What Directory Security Compliance is NOT ?

A boring vulnerability scanner

DSC is not a monolithic vulnerabilties scanner. On the contrary, DSC identifies compliance gaps between state-of-the-art security and infrastructures context.

A solution requiring administrative access

At Alsid, we believe that a security product should not add weaknesses on information systems. That is why our products will never require a more privileged access than any standard user. We will not ask you for an administrator account. Period.

Product Benefits

Why you should use DSC to protect your infrastructure.

DSC Pricing

At Alsid, we like to keep things simple.

Fixed Price

Based on Users and Domain Volume

No Hidden Costs

Need specific security monitoring ?

Alsid engineers offer custom security indicators for demanding decision-makers.